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To ensure as many children as possible to include “youth at risk” are able to experience an empowering day spent in the company of horses facilitated by professionals in the field of Equine Assisted Learning or other similar programs. Focusing on Empowerment through the Way of the Horse, participants will be able to take the lessons learned and apply them in every day life to better handle challenges they may experience, through learning basic skill sets to make smart and character building decisions.

It is our mission to support other organizations and businesses which have an interest in this Signature Voice For The Horse Program, to assist them in developing their own community based Day in the Country for Kids hence helping more kids collectively around the world. Contact us for more information.

 Day in the Country for Kids - inspiring kindness to animals, oneself and each other.

 Horses don’t lie thus lessons learned are true and authentic guaranteeing many teachable moments. With more and more popularity being gained in this field of EAL we are ensured to forever have the horse noted as a teacher to many.