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 VFTH Mascot Angel

Angel arrived into our lives at the age of eight months old in the spring of 2008. She was bred from a pmu mare in Manitoba. Although many pmu foals born are inevitably unwanted based on the low demand for horses, especially today, Angel was most fortunate to have been rescued at an auction where she did not have to go down this dismal road. She never wanted to die young one would tend to believe if a horse could reason as we do and it is believed her strong and dominant spirit saved her above others who were not so fortunate.  Her wild and untrusting nature would not allow her to be easily caught as a young filly prior to being handled by human hands. She was suspicious and her eye, even today, tells you what she is made up of. As much alpha characteristics she exhibits, deep inside she is a soft, gentle and wise old soul. She was all this from her beginning. At times she can be pushy and want her own way but knows better now as she learns from her life’s experiences. She looks for love, an un-endng love that will always be there. She is the committed one who seeks to please once past her own ideas of how things should be. Her extra sense of character indeed can move another’s soul to a place of healing. She knows where the pain is and will help one to be able to let it go. Her wise ways are natural to her, nothing put on at all. Her gaze is often enough to help facilitate the shift that is needed. It is believed that through her kind eye and soft muzzle she is capable of moving stagnant old energy from ones being, be it emotional or physical she knows where to go. Angel is yet a child at heart, even though she is an old soul. She is smart enough to know that to live and see the world through the eyes of a child will only bring on good things, a freshness in life that we all so desire.

Angel teaches us how to find inner strength and to not allow anyone to take it away. She teaches us the art of tranquility and how to be at peace in this world.
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 VFTH Mascot Mischief
Mischief is full of fun, laughter, joy, delight and innocence…even though he came from the same place as his adopted sister Angel, he comes with a very different energy which compliments her greatly, for she invited and accepted Mischief into her world, most likely because of his pure and light simplistic energy. Mischief aspires to live life out fully and to never say never, no questions asked. Mischief has the potential to be a Mozart or even a Picaso as he knows no limits to his creative abilities. He does not require discipline so to speak but understands when he is out line and fast. He has a sense of keenness to learn and is witty enough to find his way out of a mouse hole if he had to! He is one to stop and admire his shadow or reflection, not in a vain way but one of self-pride and esteem, he knows how wonderful he is from the inside out and never self doubts. He is one to not buy into another’s dreams unless they are in alignment with his own. Mischief does not take things personally, as is most obvious when Angel repeatedly pins her ears at him to say enough is enough and butt checks him to reinforce her statement. He will only set out to find the other way to get what it is he is after in life, even if just in the moment.
Mischief teaches us to find our joy in life and to go after what you wish to achieve. He asks that we seek the creative artist within our own selves and for us to remember the need to find time to play, no matter how old you think you are.