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Lessons Plans


Lessons Plans

Voice For The Horse is presently seeking contributing educators in the field who would be interested in submitting content for our lesson plans to include finances and other personal development subjects for kids. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about how you may contribute to our online lesson plans.

 Lesson Plan Developed by Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom

Horse Lesson Plans Booklet

War Horse ~ Companion Guide

"Reprinted (or Posted) with Permission of Illinois Farm Bureau® Agriculture in the Classroom".

Upon completion of any projects and on behalf of the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom Organization, Voice For The Horse requests a copy of completed material to be forwarded to us where we then re-direct it to the Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom Organization. This serves as a gage to the activities of those utilizing our Lesson Plan. Thank you!

 The Horse Connection and Humane Education

By Joanne Crohan-Hamoy ~ Educational Director at the Spring Farms Care Animal Sanctuary, Clinton, New York, U.S.A.

Living with Children and Horses

By Nancy Faulconer

The Virtues Project

Lesson Plans TBA - Facilitated by Yvonne Allen

Anti-Bullying Message For Kids Developed by Equine Connection

Anti-Bullying Message

Are You a Trustworthy Person?

Bullying is a Big Problem


Each and Everyone of You is here to Help other People

How would this Feel to You?

Heal the Bullied

How much do You know about Bullying Quiz?

How much do You know about Bullying Answers

One Person at a Time

Using Body Language Effectively

Welcome to the Armour of Skills Program

What if you were not so quick to label People?

Why Horses?

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Parent / Teacher Learning

The Effectiveness of Equine Assisted Therapy Experential Therapy - Results of an Open Clinical Trial

New Age or Old Sage - A Review of Equine Assisted Therapy

The Effects of Psychotherapy on the Psychosocial Functioning of At-Risk Adoloscents from Age 12-18

Equine Connection Youth Testimonials from our Sister Programs

Horse as Healer - An Examination of Equine Assisted Learning in First Nations

Equine Therapy - Healing or Hype

 Children, Horses & Empathy



Horse Rescue

Tony Stromberg - The Forgotten Horses



Equine Therapy


Maintenance Massage - Yvonne Allen


Wild Horses 

Barbara Wheeler's Blog




Mastering the Canter - Paddy Head






Social and Personal Development for Children

The Virtues Project

Lesson Plans TBA - Facilitated by Yvonne Allen 


Yoga For Kids



Kids and Finances (if you are going to own a horse you best learn how to manage your money!).