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Defining The Virtues


Virtues - The Gift of Character

The vision of The Virtues Project is to serve humanity by supporting the moral and spiritual development of people of all cultures. Our mission is to provide empowering strategies and programs of excellence and simplicity, to inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life.

The Virtues Project offers a wide range of programs and materials for individuals seeking to deepen their spiritual practicies, parents raising morally responsible children, schools creating a culture of character, organizations enhancing corporate spirit, and for the development of safe and caring communities. While Voice For The Horse endorses and practices the use of the virtues throughout our programs, we encourage parents, teachers and all those who are leading our children today throughtout various different organizations, to take the opportunity to learn more about how The Virtues Project may enhance your efforts in maintaining a positive and respectful place where children come together under your care.

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Defining the Virtues

Assertiveness Caring Cleanliness Commitment Compassion Confidence Consideration Cooperation Courage Courtesy Creativity Detatchment Determination Diligence Enthusiasm Excellence Flexibility Forgiveness Friendliness Generosity Gentleness Helpfulness Honesty Honor Humility Idealism Integrity Joyfulness Justice Kindness Love Loyalty Moderation Modesty Orderliness Patience Peacefulness Perseverance Purposefulness Reliability Respect Responsibility Self-Discipline Service Tact Thankfulness Tolerance Trust Trustworthiness Truthfulness Understanding Unity

 There are several ways to use Virtues Cards as a Virtues Pick Activity!

Establish confidentiality and trust that personal information will not be shared elsewhere. Remember to set clear boundaries and to be assertive - you may wish to skip your turn. Respect others and only offer silent attention and virtue acknowledgements - not advice.

For Individuals: As part of your reflection time, think about or journal a question such as "What virtue do I need today?" or "What virtue would help me solve this problem?" Then gently shuffle the cards, and without looking, pick one. Read and reflect on its meaning, then be mindful of practicing this virtue throughout the day.

Sharing Circle: In a circle of three to five people (or more), fan out the Virtues Cards and allow each person to pick one without looking. While others remain respectfully silent and present, each person takes a turn to 1) read the cared aloud, 2) share how this virue applies to what is happening in their life, and 3) share whether the virtue feels like a confirmation of what they are already doing or an invitation to do something new. When each person finishes, others give one or two acknowledgements of virtues that they see in him or her. Then the next person shares, and so on. Alternate: People share something about their life first, then pick a Virtue Card.

Team Meetings: A Virtues Pick is a peaceful beginning to any meeting. Either do a Sharing Circle or pick one virtue for the group, and have each person briefly share how it applies to the purpose of the meeting or how it will help the work the group is doing together.

Each week Voice For The Horse will be uploading a new virtue. If you have a photo of a horse in sync with an experience which may define a virtue listed on this page we invite you to send it in with a descriptive and we will post it. Credits will be given to the photograhers. Email yvonne@voiceforthehorse.com with your picture and descriptive.

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